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“m6米乐官网入口”旅游英语九百句(5)The Bellman 应接服务员
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“m6米乐官网入口”旅游英语九百句(5)The Bellman 应接服务员

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本文摘要:旅游英语九百句 Lesson 5The Bellman 应接服务员.Key Sentences(重点句子)59.Is this everything, sir?


旅游英语九百句 Lesson 5The Bellman 应接服务员.Key Sentences(重点句子)59.Is this everything, sir?这是全部工具吗,先生?60.Here's the light switch.这是电灯开关。61.Here's the closet and there's the bathroom.这儿是壁柜。

这儿是洗澡间。62. Will there be anything else, sir?另有什么事吗,先生?63. Well,if you need anything else,please call room service.噢,如果你有什么事,请叫房间服务。64. Let me help you with your luggage.我来帮您拿行李。65.It's very kind of you to do so.你这样做使我很感谢。

66.What's your room number, please?请问您的房间号码?67. And by the way, could I have a look at your room card?顺便问一句,我可以看一下您的房卡吗?68.How do you like this room?您以为这个房间怎么样?69.It's also quite spacious.房间也很宽敞。70. Do you mind if I put your luggage by the wardrobe?我把您的行李搁在衣柜旁边好吗?71.By the way, could you tell me about your hotel service?顺便问问,你能不能给我讲一下宾馆服务的情况?Dialogue ABellboy: Is this everything, sir?Visitor:Yes,that's everything.Bellboy:Follow me,please.Visitor:Thanks.Visitor:Oh, can you change a twenty?F. C.:Yes,sir.Visitor:Three fives and five ones, please.F.C.: Yes, sir.Bellboy: Here we are, sir.Here's the light switch.Visitor: Fine.Bellboy: Here's the closet and there's the bathroom.Visitor:Great! I want to wash up.Bellboy: Will there be anything else, sir?Visitor:No,thanks. I think I'm OK.Bellboy:Well,if you need anything else,please call room service.Visitor:Thank you.Here you are.Dialogue B(A: Bellman B: Mr and Mrs Smith)A: Good afternoon, sir and madam. I'm the bell man here.B:Good afternoon.A:Very nice to see you here. Let me help you with your luggage.B:It's very kind of you to do so.A: What's your room number, please?And by the way,could I have a look at your room card?B:Oh,yes.This morning my secretary made a reservation and filled in the registration form for me. He told me that my room number was 302.A:I see.Now please follow me.(After entering the room)A:Sir and madam,how do you like this room?It's just facing the Shanghai gymnasium.It's also quite spacious.B:It's very cozy.I like it very much.A: Do you mind if I put your luggage by the wardrobe?B: It's OK.Thank you very much.A: Sir and madam, if you need something, just call me over the phone or press the button over there.Dialogue C(When me bell man is leaving the room,Mr.Brown asks him to introduce something about their service.)A:By the way,could you tell me about your hotel service?B: Certainly sir.Our hotel is a modern garden hotel of three star grade consisting of a group of three-storied octagonal buildings.The hotel possesses 199 international-stand arddouble rooms, 4 suites and 2 deluxe suites. All of the mare well-furnished.A:How about other services?B: Available at the hotel is a variety of Chinese,Japanese and Western food restaurants, in addition to a complete set of service facilities including ballroom, physical fitness center, squash, billiard room, beauty salon, sauna,swimming pool, bar, shopping arcade and taxi service,etc.A:It sounds great.I'd like to have a brochure of your hotel.Where could I get one?B:You can get it from the Reception Desk.If you don't mind, I'll come up again and offer you one.A:Good.That's very kind of you.By the way,what about the daily service hour of the dining-room?B: From 7∶00 a. m. till 10∶00 p.m., nearly serving all day long.A:When will the bar and cafe open?B:From 3∶00 p.m.till midnight.And then,you might keep your valuables at the hotel's vault.A:You give very good service in your hotel.Thank you a lot.Words and ExpressionsF.C.=front desk clerk 前台职员Shanghai Olympic Hotel 上海奥林匹克饭馆gymnasium n.体育馆spacious a.宽敞的cozy a.舒适的wardrobe n.衣橱,衣柜consist(of) v.由……组成;包罗storied a.有……楼层的octagonal a.八角形的furnish vt.装备;部署(房间)well-furnished (房间)部署得好available a.可获得的variety n.种类;多样化in addition to 尚有,另有facility n.设备physical fitness 健身房squash courts (squash=tennis)网球场billiard n.弹子beauty salon 美容室sauna n.桑拿浴室arcade n.商场brochure n.小册子valuables n.珍贵物品vault n.保管库(珍贵物品蕴藏处)。